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  • When your view looks like a painting😍 Working in the best city! #haarlem #homesweethome
  • The perfect ending to our trip, a 13 hour layover in our favorite city!🗽#nyc #manhattan #goinghome #besttripever
  • 2 years of HDNK!🎈🎉
These were the best two years together since our dream came true. To be able to travel a lot and have the freedom to work whenever, wherever. And especially to do this all together. We’re almost at the end of our month in California. What will be next?😁 #team #love #runyoncanyonhike #dreamscometrueifyoureallywantthemtoo🤢😜
  • Addicted to acai bowls! Can we have this every day?🤤 #acai #acaibowl #happyfood
  • Loving San Francisco!❤️#goldengatebridge #frisco #fogcity
  • Our roadtrip from Vegas to San Francisco was amazing! We crossed through Death Valley and Yosemite National Park and more... breathtaking!🙌🏼